With „Carl“ and „Carla“ on tour: Blaupunkt is entering the eMobility market with two light foldable alu pedelecs.

With „Carl“ and „Carla“ on tour: Blaupunkt is entering the eMobility market with two light foldable alu pedelecs.

Blaupunkt, known as innovative supplier for car multimedia- and navigation solutions, is entering the eMobility market with the launch of two E-bikes. The new foldable bikes , „Carla 180“ and „Carl 280“ are convincing not only with a very efficient engine and battery performance, but especially with a high level of practicability: the inteligent mechanism allows to fold the bikes in 5 seconds, at the same time both bikes are offering uncompromising driving pleasure with up to 25 km/h. So the E-Bikes can be used perfectly by commuters as well combined with a train ride and are a perfect complement for camper, boat owner or townfolk which like to own use a comfortable and space saving bike.

The foldable 16-inch-pedelec „Carla 180“ in stylish white colour and a folding size of 680 mm (L) X 380 mm (W) X 630 mm (H) is cutting everywhere a good figure, with only 13,8kg weight it´s one of the lightest of his category. Like the 20-inch counterpart „Carl 280“, it´s having a powerful and low-maintenance engine of 250 watts, 36 V and 35 Nm torque value. The integrated five driving modes are supporting the driver by reaching a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Considering a fully charged battery the bikes allow a high range of 50 to 70 km thanks to an efficient lithium LG ions battery with 7,8 Ah and 280 Wh. Re-charging to complete power takes about 3,5 hours, the embedded battery inside the stylish aluminium frame in the middle of the bike are leading to a perfect balance.

The bigger sized model „Carl 280“ is fascinating in matt black with a weight of 17,7 and a foldable size of 780 mm (L) X 380 mm (W) X 710 mm (H). The Shimano SIS seven gear switch assures, in combination with a suspension fork, the mechanic disc brakes and the hybrid tyres, driving pleasure on all surfaces. The robust tyres offer good ahesion on wet streets but as well on unsecured roads.

Both, „Carl“ and „Carla“ are having mudguards and LED lightning allowing clear view as well by night. The bicycle computer with LCD display and an intelligent battery management informs about battery status, speed, mileage status and driving time.

Come and see these foldable bikes at the Autosound Limited Stand H155 at The Cycle Show.


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