Cycle Show's Portfolio Director Nicola Meadows & Sales Manager Alan Parfitt Take on RideLondon...

The world’s greatest festival of cycling RideLondon returns from 27-29 May 2022 with a new format, new routes, and a new partnership with Essex County Council.

Our very own Cycle Show Portfolio Director Nicola Meadows and Sales Manager Alan Parfitt will be taking on the ride – let’s find out what bikes they’re riding, their target times, nutritional advice, and more. 

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1. Is this your first time taking part in Ride London?

Nicola: This is my second RideLondon. I last did it in 2017, but with a new route, I was keen to do it again. 

Alan: This is my first RideLondon, although I have ridden many sportives across three continents. 

2. Are you nervous for the ride?

Nicola: Not really, I am more nervous about the 8miles ride back to my car after the event. That will hurt!

Alan: Not at all, however, I am nervous about getting up at 3:30 am and getting to the start on time. 

3. What bike will you be riding?

Nicola: Specialized Roubaix Comp-Ultegra Di2 

Alan: Not decided as yet. Maybe a retro 80s steel bike I have been working on restoring.

4. How have you been training in preparation for the ride?

Nicola: Eek, training! I have been getting out on the bike but not as much as I wanted. A small thing called The Cycle Show might have gotten in the way. It has been great to be part of a club, I ride with Newbury Velo, and knowing a group is going out is great motivation

Alan: I recently moved into a new house which is a bit of a project, so all my free time is devoted to that. Been on a few Zwift rides, but the only significant ride I have been on all year was the ride out with Sean Kelly and the Vitus guys at the Cycle Show a few weeks ago.

5. What nutritional advice will you follow before the ride?

Nicola: Last time I did RideLondon I ate lasagne and garlic bread the night before, there were plenty of articles that said that was a terrible idea but it did the job. My wave time is 0545, so in the morning it will be bananas on the route and Veloforte bars (these are insanely good). It’s no time for a hot bowl of porridge in my view.

Alan: For me, proper nutrition and hydration are the difference between enjoying the ride and suffering like a dog. I always eat a proper breakfast at least two hours before the event (thus waking at 3:30 am) and once on the ride I’ll take the first 30 minutes to settle but after that, I will eat small portions every 20 minutes. To keep it interesting I mix rice cakes / small baked potatoes/gels/bars and supplement with stuff I can pick up along the way from the refreshment stations.

6. Have you got a target time?

Nicola: I would like to beat my time of 6.22 from 2017, but I have done way less training. My priority is to enjoy it. 

Alan: with a complete lack of training I would be happy to finish at all!