The Cycle Show Business Conference

NEW The Cycle Show Business Conference


This year’s Cycle Show sees the launch of the business conference. With the UK retail sector caught in economic and political headwinds, the sessions will address key issues in establishing, maintaining and expanding successful retail businesses.


Subjects include:

  • Branding: Stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Store location – choosing the right store, rents, lease conditions
  • Firing on all channels: Leveraging opportunities across your business
  • Lifestyle: Understanding cycling and leisure
  • Amazing associates: Finding, training and retaining staff
  • Leadership: Creating the right management team for growth
  • Customer loyalty: Getting and keeping customers

The aim of these business sessions is to provide examples of best-in-class retailing from beyond the cycling industry, looking for lessons from across the retail spectrum and particularly at sports and athleisure innovation.

This year’s speakers




Show Me The Money, How to prosper in challenging times – Programme




Morning session: Optimising store effectiveness


10.15-10.45: Store location – choosing the right store, rents, lease conditions
Adam Lazenbury, partner at global retail agency Cushman & Wakefield, provides detailed analysis of how to select a store location, powerful retail adjacencies, catchment data; plus what to look out for in terms of rent, lease conditions and providing a strong covenant and how to expand beyond your first store. 


10.45-11.15: Branding: Stand out in a crowded marketplace
Great brands know how to connect with their customers emotionally and how to talk their language. Mike Roberts, chief creative officer of international design and brand agency Green Room, considers what lessons you can learn from those who do it best.


11.15-11.45: Firing on all channels: Leveraging opportunities across your business
In an omni-channel world, what can the cycle industry learn from how other independent businesses are using all the channels available to them to maximise impact and sales? Fresh from collaboration with Amazon on the roll-out of Clicks and Mortar pop-up shops across the UK, Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, looks at strategies for success.


11.45-12.15: Session Cancelled


12.15-12.45: Retail effectiveness through experiences
Today it’s no longer enough to have a good looking store or competitive price point. Engaging brands need new ways to drive footfall, omni-channel sales and loyalty with memorable experiences worth sharing. Michelle Bower, associate director of international creative agency Dalziel & Pow, will explain how to decode what makes an effective experience in today’s competitive retail landscape.

Lunch Break 12:45 – 14:15


Afternoon session: Staff and customers – How to get them and keep them



14.15-14.45: Marketing: Reaching out to an army of women customers
The interest in women in competitive sport peaked yet again this summer with the Women’s World Cup and yet the sense remains that the female consumer is still under-represented. Nielsen Sports global lead & head of brands (UK), Lynsey Douglas looks at how you can ensure your business and retail approach is aligned to appeal to women.


14.45-15.15: Leadership: Creating the right management team for growth
One of the toughest moves is taking an owner-run single store business and expanding, ensuring you have the right team and skills in place for growth and for modern retailing. Virtue People director Andy Marsh, formerly with Missguided and Bench, talks building the right leadership team.


15.15-15.45: Customers as advocates: How disruption delivers results
Many sports and fitness markets seem impossibly crowded and competitive and yet a number of disruptors have been able to capture market share by turning customers into communities and their strongest sales advocates. Michael Dean, head of franchise sales for the UK & Ireland, F45 Training, explains how the Australian fitness training phenomenon has taken the UK by storm.