From pedal to pub – Giro’s new line of flat pedal shoes will take you anywhere!

From pedal to pub – Giro’s new line of flat pedal shoes will take you anywhere!

If you’ve experienced the tragic stop, wobble and fall associated with clipless pedals then you may be looking to switch them – or perhaps supplement them – with flat pedals.

Launched last week and available in authorized stores now, Giro’s new range of flat pedal footwear promises to deliver grip, protection, and durability whilst also being easy on the eye.

Sure, you’ll lose the ability to pull up on the pedal stroke, causing a reduction in pedal power and a slight slowing of your sprint time, but you will gain that giddy hop on hop off freedom which you loved as a child even more than getting a Cadbury’s Freddo in your packed lunch. You may even discover a new-found confidence when tackling technical trails.

Dreamt up in conjunction with progressive male riders like Kurt Sorge, Carson Storch and Graham Agassiz, Giro’s Riddance, Riddance Mid, women’s Riddance W and the Jacket II have all been designed with performance in mind. The first three pedal-pushers all feature Vibram’s all-new Megagrip™ ISR rubber outsole, the stickiest compound they’ve launched, plus Rockprint™ reinforcement for enhanced durability.

To dampen vibration, the Riddance, Riddance W, and Riddance Mid have been fitted with a full-length, EVA midsole.  Rubber reinforcements protect the toe and heel of the wearer, and a water-resistant breathable microfiber upper delivers all-day comfort.

If you’ve had a dodgy ankle ever since the great ice skating debacle of 2016, then try the Riddance Mid, which features an ankle power strap that will give you added support.

If you want a cycling shoe that works hard, looks good, and is comfy to walk in but doesn’t stomp all over the environment, then the Jacket II might suit. It has a water-resistant breathable microfiber upper, and a durable Vibram® Ecostep™ rubber outsole – made from a minimum of 30% recycled rubber –  engineered for flat pedals to deliver long-lasting grip.

The new range is priced from £89.99 and comes in whole sizes. Visit for more information.  

Words by Sarah Glayzer


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