Shimano Steps

The Experts Stage with Shimano Steps is the place to find some of the best brains in cycling with advice on choosing the right drive system for your eBike / secrets to keeping your bike on the road / training tips and reaching your goals for your riding / how to get started in cycling / and much more


An Introduction to the Shimano STEPS system

Learn more about the Shimano STEPS E-Bike system with Shimano UK Head of Training Julian Thrasher, who will explain the product range overview and features and benefits of the Shimano STEPS E-Bike system.

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Keeping your bike secure  

The Police Crime Prevention team will be showing you how best to thief-proof your bike with advice on choosing a lock and whether is one is enough, assessing the different security systems available and the importance of keeping a record of your bike, with live demos of how easily thieves can make off with your beloved ride.



Grassroots cycling – getting started

Jools Walker is passionate about riding bikes and has long-been a fantastic champion of grassroots cycling. She  works with bike brands and campaign groups to find the best ways to encourage more adults to return to cycling, and grow the confidence of novice cyclists.

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Jamie Burrow, Head of Design at Ribble

Jamie is a former Pro Tour rider and the current Head of Product Design at Ribble Cycles. So he’s ridden a lot of bikes in his time and has a hand in the design and production of a fair few best-sellers too.

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Choosing your next bike with Ribble

Ribble is one of the oldest bike brands in the UK so it’s fair to say they know a thing or two about cycling. They’re recently opened their own stores across the UK too so get invaluable insight into the challenges faced by the bike-buying public. Jamie will be making that process as easy as possible so you get the perfect bike for you.

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Endurance Training with Darren Hardy

Darren has achieved quite a lot in his time on the planet. He left the military still recovering with physical injuries and PTSD, and turned his attention to ultra endurance challenges as therapy. He’ll be explaining the mental aspects of pushing yourself to the limits and how to prepare your body for the kind of extreme tests he’s taken on. 

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A bike technician’s secrets to keeping your bike on the road  

Tap into Jack’s years of experience in the bike industry. From daily commuters to World Cup racers Jack has maintained and kept thousands of bikes on the road and now teaches other mechanics to do the same, delivering Cytech qualifications and sharing his knowledge. In this 30 minute presentation you can hear the secrets that come with years of experience from which tools we should all have, to how to clean and lubricate, and how to prolong the life of your pride and joy.  

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Technical e-bike

Maintaining your electric bike

Have you got an e bike for the first time? Not sure how to maintain it? Join the experts on maintenance from Activate cycle academy and Cytech for a talk on how to look after your beloved new electric bike and how to keep it performing at its super charged best. We will talk all things maintenance and servicing, and how it may differ from a normal bike. Cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, and electrical safety. It will all be covered in this 30-minute talk with a chance to ask Jack your burning questions on e-bike maintenance. 

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How to get started with structured training and Underrated tips to becoming faster on the bike

Australian born, Richard Lang is a former professional road cyclist who now resides in Manchester and along with a small team and group of cyclists has set up Spoked –  a clever app based system designed to help riders meet their cycling goals. He’ll be letting us in on some pro training tips – direct from inside the peloton – on how to train better and get faster.

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Wheels for All Launch

The Wheels for All initiative is a nationally recognised programme that embraces all children and adults with disabilities and differing needs, to engage in a quality cycling activity providing fun and stimulating cycling across the UK.



Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK – 

Duncan is the Head of Advocacy and Campaigns at Cycling UK and he’ll be joining Anna Glowinski to catch up on the organisation’s latest initiatives and efforts to get more people out on bikes and enjoying life on two wheels.

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Cycling UK

Getting Millions More Cycling

Riding a bike is simple, fun, keeps you fit, makes you happy and feeds the soul. But beyond that, it provides a simple solution to many of the complicated problems we face as a society. So, what’s holding us back? What are the barriers to getting millions more people cycling, and how do we break them down?

Find out as Duncan chats with Anna about what Cycling UK and others are doing to kickstart a cycling revolution, tackle the bike-lane backlash, and let people know about that miracle pill that can fix so many problems – pedal power.

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