Let’s get Phyzible with Oxford Products

Let’s get Phyzible with Oxford Products

Phyzibility (noun): A state in which the human form is able to be seen. A combination of physiology and visibility. A concept that we have incorporated into our lighting and bright range of products.

So what does Phyzibility actually mean and how does it work?
Phyzibility means making the human form as recognisable as possible for all road users from all angles by lighting up different parts of the body. The more recogniseable and easy to depict as human you are, the greater the amount of room given by other road users when overtaking. Study’s in Australia have proven that we are more sympathetic to objects we recognise, and associate with being human, hence why we would give more room and overtake another road user at a slower speed. When the standard bike lights are used to highlight your position on the road there is a longer delay before you are recognised as being human and it is not till they are much closer that they are able to gauge your width or the distance you are away.

So putting the theory into practice we have our Phyzibility range of products that has everything you need to light yourself up like a Christmas tree and make yourself visible from all angles quite literally from head to toe.

The Metro Glo is a full in mould helmet with a 360 degree fibre-optic moulded into the shell, making you visible from the side as well as from the front and rear. Attention grabbing headgear can be a lifesaver and the other helmet in the phyzibility range is the Metro V, which has a 6 LED rear light with constant, flashing and chasing modes.

Moving slightly down we have the Commuter X4, a revolution in wearable lighting that can be seen from various angles thanks to the distinctive fibre optic straps. The straps assist other road users to gauge your speed and distance with greater accuracy. To increase visibility even more you can wear a Commuter X4 over an Aqua rucksack, a rucksack with a waterproof roll top closure and covered in reflective detailing.

For your wrists and ankles to really give that 360 degree visibility we have the Bright Halo Wraps. The wraps are florescent in colour and have fibre optic illumination that when coiled around wrists and ankles makes the human form very clear.

Keeping your hands and feet warm as well as adding visibility is our Bright Range of gloves and overshoes. The entire range comprises of products with reflective detailing and high visibility or reflective colours.

You can see the entire Phyzibility range in all its glory at the Oxford Products Stand A45.


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