Extreme BMX Bike Battle

The Extreme Bike Battle makes it’s debut to the Cycle Show 2018…

Fusing multiple cycling disciplines together for the ultimate adrenaline fuelled show, witness jaw dropping stunts including high speed BMX Flatland spins, massive MTB leaps and drops across structures to huge BMX backflips!

Perfect to amaze and entertain kids of all ages- these BMX pro-riders know just how to showcase their skills and provide an amazing spectacle you will not forget!

Not only that, but the team will also be leading kids BMX coaching sessions!
In between their shows, the guys will be helping and showing kids how to master a BMX (no big jumps, we promise!). Based on a first-come, first-served basis, each session will take up to 30 kids!

Get involved and join us at the Cycle Show 2018 – book your tickets now!