14 Carbon

Stand G121

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Tjalke van der Walstraat 42N
8723 CA Koudum
The Netherlands

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  • 14 Carbon

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|| Introduction || 14CARBON is a new brand from Holland that uses nanotechnology to create highly strong, stiff and nearly scratch free & nearly unbreakable bike frames. They took more than 3 years of development employing chemists and 3D engineers together to develop what they describe as a “Nano Bike’. They say this material is an alternative for ‘carbon’ composites, applying nanomaterials such as nano graphene, nano polymers, nano silicium and nano aluminium. They say the coating is very hard, smooth and aerodynamic and can be applied on ‘carbon’ composite technology too. Their line of products focusses on cyclocross, MTB, gravel, road and time-trail. 14CARBON’s first model is a full nano bike, the CO1-Cyclocross and can be seen on The Cycle Show. A semi nano bike called CO2-Aero is also appearing, a fast racer ‘carbon’ frame with a nano coating. || Fully 3D Engineered Design and Production Technology || The nano frames of 14carbon are produced in The Netherlands using a blend of 3D technology, classic die-cast moulding and innovative nanomaterial composites. The production technology enables high flexibility in design and relative low cost of production. Custom-building up to scalable higher volumes are possible. The semi nano frames are Asian made 'carbon' composites with 14carbon 3 layer nano coating technology on top. || 3 Layer Nano Coating || The 3 layer nano coating was developed in close cooperation with large chemical industries and nano engineers. This 3 layer coating provides a hard and smooth layered composite on top of the frame. The final layer using silicium is highly 'hydrophobic', meaning it repels water, air and dirt very strongly. These coatings are also very aerodynamic. A fully scratch free coating is unrealistic at this point, however we continue to improve our current achievement to get the maximum scratch-freeness possible.