Dallingridge Electric Bikes

Dallingridge Electric Bikes

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Why "Dallingridge"?
Based in Bodiam, a small village in East Sussex, England, our company is but a cannonball shot away from the moated ruin of Bodiam Castle, a place that evokes imagery of medieval knights, Royal disputes and the War of the Roses.

Bodiam Castle was first owned by Knight and a king's favourite, Sir Edward Dallingridge. His political achievements and life’s adventures helped him reach the highest circles of English society linking his name interminably with East Sussex and England.

What better name than Dallingridge, to capture the spirit of adventure and strength of our unique range of bicycles.The Dallingridge brand has been built on an unrivalled 30 plus years of combined knowledge in the electric bike industry, this extensive knowledge and experience has enabled us to produce a range of quality e-bikes with a desire to create bikes to cover all the needs of the British rider at the very best quality and price while providing a first-class after service

Our aim is to produce a long-lasting bike that will soon become your favourite way to travel

We want everyone to be proudly riding the Dallingridge name.

After all, we have a powerful name to champion.