Komoot Cycling advice stage supported by Bikeradar

Practical tips and expert advice on a host of cycling-related topics


Komoot Cycling Advice Stage

Komoot has joined forces with the Cycle Show to bring you the all-new Cycle Advice Stage, supported by Bike Radar. Stop by to learn about Komoot’s easy route planning and navigation features and get pro tips on everything from training to nutrition.


  • Get Michelin-starred tips on how to improve your diet to cycle further and faster
  • Learn essential maintenance to get the most out of your bike
  • Receive one-on-one expert advice to achieve your personal goals.







Rob Spedding - Journalist

For over 12 years Rob was editor of leading cycling magazine Cycling Plus before heading up content for Immediate Media’s Cycling brands. He is a proud MAMIL who commutes by bike and rides sportives slowly. He’s completed several big rides including the 2018 Etape du Tour. Rob will be hosting the Komoot Advice Stage over the course of the show.

Phil Burt - Physiotherapist

Friday 13th September

Talk: The Truth About Bike Fit

Time: 13:30 – 14:00

Phil is a world-renowned cycling health and performance innovator. An experienced physiotherapist and bike fitter, Burt has spent 12 years as the Head of Physiotherapy at British Cycling, as well as 5 years as Consultant Physiotherapist at Team Sky. Phil’s talk will give you top tips to improve your cycling performance.

Alan Murchison - Michelin Star Chef

Sunday 15th September

Talk: Fueling your ride – Michelin Star nutrition advice

Time: 14:10 – 14:40

Ex international endurance runner and winner of the 2015 London Duathlon (the world’s longest duathlon), Alan is also a Michelin starred chef with over 25 years of experience in Michelin starred kitchens across the UK. Alan will be shedding light on nutrition and diet plans to take your cycling to the next level.

Jamie Burrow - Head of Product at Ribble Cycles

Friday 13th September

Talk: How do you design a bike

Coming from a road cycling family, Jamie’s cycling career started when he was just 19. After winning the under 23 World cup he signed with USPS Pro. Jamie now uses his years of expertise and passion for cycling to develop world-class products for leading brand, Ribble Cycles. Jamie will be giving insight into how his road racing career launched his career into bike design.

Aoife Glass - Editor for BikeRadar

Aoife is currently an editor for Women’s Cycling on BikeRadar.com. Aoife’s work has also been featured in various print publications including Dirt Mountain Bike Magazine, MBUK, What Mountain Bike and Cycling Plus. Aoife will be offering advice on bikes and gear for road and off-road riders.

Keira McVitty - Brompton World Champion

Keira McVitty Keira McVitty, a fourth generation racing cyclist has been around bikes her whole life. She started racing at the age of 12 and was hooked. Over the years she most notably raced for the WNT Pro Cycling team in 2017 and spent 2018 racing full-time in Belgium supported by the Dave Rayner Fund. Since then she has been focusing on her Youtube channel and promoting her passion for cycling far and wide. Although racing has taken a step to the side for Keira she still competes whenever it takes her fancy – recently she was crowned Brompton world champion in London!

Jenny Tough - Endurance Enthusiast

Jenny Tough is a global adventurer and endurance enthusiast, and has cycled over 40 countries, racking up a few good tales along the way. In 2018, Jenny surprised the ultra bikepacking community – and herself – when she came in as the first female in the inaugural Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan. Come and hear Jenny’s tales of her ultra racing as well as bikepacking adventures, how she undertakes her mega trips, and tales of mistakes and discoveries along the trails.

Eleanor Jaskowska - Community Manager at Komoot

Komoot route planning workshops Eleanor is partial to her own adventures both on and off-road. Come and join her route planning workshop to find out how she uses Komoot to discover, plan and share her rides. Whether you’re off on a bikepacking trip to Wales or just want a change from the same local loop. Where will your next ride take you?

Kate Rawles – long distance cyclist and environmentalist

Kate recently spent 13 months cycling 8288 miles along the length of South America on Woody, a bike made of bamboo that she built herself. Her goal was to use The Life Cycle ‘adventure activist’ journey to help raise awareness and inspire action on biodiversity loss. Kate will explain why she chose to travel heavy, offer top ‘on the road for a long time’ kit tips – do solar panels really work? – debate the pros and cons of wild camping versus hostels and, hopefully, inspire you to jump on your bike and go.

Cytech Workshops

Front Gear Adjustment

Start Time: 10:10 – 10:40, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The front derailleur can be a source of mystery for many. In this session we will show you why alignment matters, what cable tension and routing you require, the different styles of front derailleur and how to set up, care and troubleshoot them.

Rear Gear Adjustment

Start Time – 15:30 – 16:00, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

It can be immensely annoying if the gears on your bike don’t work as they should. In this session we’ll take a deep dive into the rear gears of your bike covering how to set up and adjust the rear derailleur, check for damage and misalignment, know the different types of rear derailleur and how they relate to different cassette sizes as well as replacing a cable to keep the shifting slick.