Bosch eBike Systems MTB Test Track

Mountain biking is all about having fun, right?

It’s about getting out there, enjoying the great outdoors, exercising your body and freeing your mind. Electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) take mountain biking to the next level. They enable you to ride further, faster and have even more fun. You still have to work for your rewards but by assisting your efforts, it allows you to wring every little drop of enjoyment out of your rides – literally turning mountains into molehills!

This years’ Cycle Show will give you the special opportunity to put the very best eMTBs and Mountain Bikes through their paces on the all-new Bosch eBike Systems Test Track – designed and built by the one and only former pro BMX and MTB rider Kye Forte. Not only that, but by test-riding a bike on the Bosch eBike Systems Test Track, you could be one of the first in the UK to try out the brand new 2020 products from Bosch eBike Systems.

The 1.7km outdoor track winds around the outside perimeter of the NEC grounds, landscaped with woodland and dirt trails to give you a real feel for each bike’s performance. Test rides on the Bosch eBike Systems MTB Test Track are free and advance booking is not required.

Head to the Registration area (Hall 3) on arrival at the show where you will be required to complete a registration form and supply a valid form of photo ID or a credit card (to act as a security deposit).

Children under 16 will require a parent or guardian to sign the registration form.  Access to the track will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Helmets will be supplied but you are welcome to bring your own. The track is outdoors and will be affected by weather conditions. Please wear appropriate cycle clothing.



Genesis Bikes

Genesis’s size allows them to take risks; namely to push through bikes that bigger companies might deem too fringe or oddball to ever grace their range. If they enjoy riding it and think there’ll be enough folks out there that will too, then its fair game for Genesis! they’re sticklers for detail, going to the nth degree to try and wring out every last bit of performance whilst keeping things accessible.

Croix de Fer

From its roots as the very definition of a cross bike to the most forward-thinking build they have created to date, the Croix de Fer is equally happy commuting in the city one year, before turning into a super-tourer the next.


For 2020 we’ve updated the frame to 725 tubing and the fork is now full carbon to save a little weight and further enhance the ride quality. The Fugio is the bike that will take its time on the boring bits and come alive just as things get interesting. 


Vagabond is a monstercross bike in the loosest sense of the term; the illegitimate lovechild of a road and mountain bike, a ‘frankenbike’. The late, great Steve Worland summed them up nicely as “…the perfect cross-dresser for those long, steady rides that encompass a bit of everything.” 


We’ve built our Datum to tackle your local road loop, with some off-road excursions to add another dimension. If you’re really ambitious you could add frame, bar and clip-on bikepacking bags, for anything from coast-to-coast missions, to transcontinental adventures.

Ribble Cycles Is the UK’s leading bicycling manufacturer, Ribble has been hand building award-winning bikes since 1897. from designing, building and riding bikes Ribble wants everyone else to love cycling too! That’s why they offer excellent quality bikes for arguably the best value in the market. Each bike is hand assembled in England, one bike, one mechanic. Tried, tested and proven by industry experts.

CGR SL (650b)

Built around a state of the art Carbon fibre frame, compatible with multiple wheel and tyre options, and a wide array of customisation options to build into a superlight Sunday best road bike, the complete Adventure bike, or the ultimate daily commuter.

Adventure Ti

Ready to embark upon that bike trek epic? The Adventure Ti has generous tyre clearance and mounts for 4 bottle cages, racks front and rear plus carry-all racks so you can be sure you will leave nothing behind when embarking upon your adventures.

Adventure 725

The Reynolds 725 tubing has been meticulously designed in house with traditional looks but also combined with a contemporary geometry. Hand crafted from steel tubing which is renowned for offering the most compliant of rides as well as being a highly durable material.


Our all new Titanium hardcore hardtail platform boasts progressive long and low geometry, a slack 64° head angle with stunning visuals to match. This a super capable hardtail when the trails get steep, fast and technical.

CGR Al e


The flat bar edition of the CGR AL e offers confidence inspiring control and comfort when on or off road. Sram’s Apex 1x groupset is a great choice for multi surface adventuring thanks to its simplicity and very low gear range. 

Surly Bikes

Surly Bikes is a bicycle company based in Bloomington, Minnesota founded in 1998. They design bicycles, components, and, most notably, steel frames which are manufactured in Taiwan using 4130 chromoly steel. Surly is owned by and shares facilities with Quality Bicycle Products.

Surly Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck is the bike you’d reach for when you don’t really know what the trail has in store. From log and root covered ribbons of twisty singletrack to miles of powdery snow or sandy beaches, Ice Cream Truck can handle it all. 

Surly ECR

ECR is a plus-tired dirt touring bike designed for routes with way less pavement and a lot more trail. Sometimes the only way to break the humdrum of life is with a bike ride off the beaten path. ECR is the answer to those sometimes.

Surly Karate Monkey

Karate Monkey is a highly-versatile trail bike that plays the part of 29er and 27.5+ equally well. Karate Monkey delivers a resilient, lively ride on all sorts of gnarly terrain. Its frame is a highly-versatile canvas which can be set up in approximately 487 different configurations.

Surly Midnight Special

Midnight Special is a road plus bike designed to provide comfort and speed on those all-day rides that extend well beyond fresh pavement. Its 650b road plus tires eat up road chatter and absorb all the bumps in the road like the champion it was designed to be.

Corratec Bikes

Passion of cycling – Since 1990 this is our fixed philosophy. This is the basis of our principles that characterise our work, our bikes and our actions. To ride and feel the corratec technologies are unique. Only those who have experienced corratec will understand the feeling that of which cannot be truly expressed in pictures or words, but only through the feeling – The freedom, life and passion. Since 1990, the aspiration to create the perfect bicycle is our greatest motivation. Every day we strive to progress closer to this ambition.

E-Power x Vert Elite 29

Due to the powerful Bosch engine, the E-Power X Vert 29 become a real rocket on the trails. The huge 29-inch wheels provide comfort and security. The battery disappears inside the down tube but can be removed for charging easily.


E-Power x Vert Pro 650B

The equivalent to the E-Power X Vert 29˝on 650B wheels. The Bosch CX engine supports the rider with up to 75 Nm and is the helping hand in every climb. The battery is hidden in the down tube but can be removed for charging.

E-Power x Vert 650B PEF D10S

Designed for the adventures of serious off road riding the X-Vert E-Power is equipped with Bosch`s Performance Engine, coupled to a 400wh (Range up to 75 miles) frame fitted battery, Shimano Deore Shadow 10 speed gear system, HL Hydraulic suspension fork with lock out, Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes and Continental X-King 2.20 tyres – an impressive equipment package!

Calibre Bikes

Calibre has redefined what is possible when creating affordable bikes. For people wanting to have fun on two wheels without breaking the bank, Calibre is their go to brand. The Calibre design team were increasingly seeing people have a negative cycling experience on overpriced, ill equipped bikes and decided to do something about it. Creating a frame with contemporary geometry, kitted out with fantastic components, Calibre allows riders to have maximum fun on the road or at the trail centre without having to re-mortgage your house.

Calibre Sentry 

Revolutionary giant slaying, full suspension mountain bike aimed at riders wanting to go further and faster. The Sentry is stronger and more capable of handling technical trails and race pace runs. The Sentry boasts 29” wheels and is built to help the rider achieve those big hits and fast lines.

Calibre Line 29

Calibre’s best hardtail yet, built and refined for fast flowing singletracks and big mountain riding. Built with wide bars, a roomy front end and a short quick back end making it fun for back wheel jibbing but will keep you calm when things get fast.

Calibre Bossnut

The same as our award winning Bossnut but upgraded with specific components and suspension tuning to suit female riders. Featuring increased lateral stiffness with the introduction of a one piece rocker link.

Calibre Two3

Our best entry level bike at an affordable price without compromising on quality. The Two Cubed is the updated version of our award winning Two. Two, boasting 27.5” wheels, modern geometry and packed full of new components.

Calibre Sentry Pro

 World-class, pro-level bike using the same gravity focused geometry as the Sentry but with major upgrades in the suspension, gear set and brakes. The Sentry Pro has a serious chassis for committed racers.

About Bosch eBike Systems

Drive units, rechargeable batteries and on-board computers: These three product categories feature the highest technical quality, ensuring maximum enjoyment for the rider. The individual components from Bosch eBike Systems synchronise together like a well-drilled team. The result is a perfectly coordinated combination for maximum efficiency and comfort. What began in 2009 as a start-up within the Bosch Group has now developed into a global player that has a key role in shaping the eBike and eMTB market. More than 70 leading bicycle brands in Europe place their trust in drive systems “epowered by Bosch”. For more information and to check out the latest products from Bosch eBike Systems, please go to

Performance Line

Whether trekking, all-mountain riding or commuting: The sporty new Performance Line is a finely balanced, high-performance system with a maximum torque of 65 Nm. It transforms eBikers into explorers and adventurers and provides the required power at any moment. Learn more about the new Performance Line here.

Smartphone Hub

The new SmartphoneHub transforms the eBike into part of everyday digital and connected life. Thanks to the smartphone and the COBI.Bike app, the SmartphoneHub becomes an intelligent control centre that navigates, records activities and connects them to other services and apps. The eBike can also be started and controlled without a smartphone because the display integrated within the SmartphoneHub shows you the most important riding data. Learn more about Smartphone Hub here.

Bosch eBike ABS

eBike riding is becoming even safer: Thanks to Bosch’s leadership in providing motorbike safety technology, the brand has launched its first standard anti-lock braking system (ABS) in the form of Bosch eBike ABS. Learn more about Bosch eBike ABS here.