Ampler Bikes Launch in the UK

Ampler Bikes Launch in the UK

Come and test Ampler –the lightweight and stealthy smart electric bike for the urban commuter at the Cycle Show 2018

Ampler Bikes is proud to announce the launch of the brand in the UK during the Cycle Show in Birmingham.

In doing so, they are joining the world’s best cycling brands to present their products to the general public during the annual 4-day showcase. The event presents the first opportunity to test ride the Ampler bike models since the company’s launch in 2016.

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After focusing on establishing itself in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, and having opened its first flagship store in Berlin in late June, Ampler is now taking the first steps in launching into the UK. Ampler co-founder and CTO Hannes Laar commented that “The UK with its long history of bicycle tradition and world-renowned cycling-related brands such as Raleigh and Brooks has personally been a source for inspiration in bicycle building. It’s therefore especially exciting to take our first steps in the market. There’s been a lot of interest from the UK in getting to test the bikes, so we’re now happy to offer that opportunity in Birmingham.”

After two years of development, Ampler released three new bikes this year: Curt, Stout, and Stellar. All models are assembled in Tallinn and are now available in the UK. They have an estimated range of 70 km on a single charge, taking away the  worry of running out of battery. The accompanying mobile app lets the user customise their riding experience by giving the option to adjust assist modes. Starting at just 14 kg, Ampler Bikes are also just as light as a regular city bike and 35% lighter than the average e-bike.

Ampler was created to solve the urban commuting problems that people face on a daily basis – traffic, no parking spaces, long distances and stress. To achieve that goal, Ampler’s founders set out to build a light electric bicycle that removes physical barriers such as hills and wind from cycling. By electrifying their daily routes and by building bicycles that look and function as such, Ampler intends to bring cycling to more people.

Ampler Bikes will be at the Cycle Show in Birmingham from 27 till 30 September and invites everyone to find their favorite Ampler at the special Ampler Test Area.

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About Ampler Bikes:

Ampler Bikeslaunched in April 2016 with an Indiegogo campaign, during which Ampler successfully raised $158,000, kick-starting its international operations. Ampler aims to solve the commuting problem once and for all by developing the best pedal assist bikes out there. The 15-person team is based in Berlin and Tallinn and consists of cyclists, technologists, and engineers who cleverly designed their own battery and electronics, which are hidden within the frame, keeping the looks minimalist and the rider happy.

Come and see for yourself at the UK’s Biggest Cycling Showcase –
the Cycle Show, Birmingham.

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