Top Tips for Staying Cool in the Heat

Top Tips for Staying Cool in the Heat

We may be dodging the odd rain shower, but the heat is staying with most of us for the next few days


Whether you’re new to cycling, planning a family trip or need to fit in some full-on training- the sun will make an impact on your ride.

So here’s some hints & tips for staying cool out there…

Check the weather before you set off
Sounds obvious, but it’s easily forgotten! However you do it – via an app, the radio, TV or daily paper,  check the weather to pack and prepare accordingly.

Check your location
Think about what your route looks like. If you’re in the park with the kids, or up the mountains on your MTB, are you fully prepared?
Pack reusable water bottles and snacks to have that will keep you going from start to finish!

All the gear – the right idea… 
Make sure you’ve got the right clothing for your chosen ride.
It doesn’t have to be the latest style or most expensive – just make sure it supports you when you need it most…

Fuel yourself appropriately 
Don’t load up on ‘heavy’ foods that will make you feel physically heavier or full. If possible, avoid foods that will dehydrate you during your ride – alcohol, large amounts of coffee or foods heavy in protein are one’s to dodge.
Look out for high-energy, light options, such as…

Out of sight, out of mind…
Block out the sun, bugs and hayfever with some good quality sunglasses.

Cool off afterwards
Make sure you are ready to chill out and cool down after your ride. Save the cold beer to have once you’ve got your feet up and the ride is done!

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