This year for the first time ever, we are introducing the Cycle Show VIP ticket – for just £34.95 you get your entry to the show plus all these extras…



coffee Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee from Faema Coffee

busy Avoid the queues with our fast track entry into the show

fast-test-trackGet straight to the front of the queue on all test tracks at the show

test-track48 hour early access to book the Road Bike test track

*If you book your VIP tickets before 1st September 2017 

cyclist-200x200Complimentary copy of Cyclist magazine


Automatically entered into a Prize Draw to win 2 Hospitality tickets to the 2018 Tour of Britain Series


goproHave the opportunity to win a GoPro everyday

massageComplimentary Sports Massage courtesy of Cloud Spa

*Subject to availability

showtimeGet your photo taken with our animated GIF photo booth

vipExclusive access the VIP Cycle Show Lounge

Grab A VIP Goody Bag worth £25 containing one pair of Cycling socks from either ALTURA or WD40 and at least 2 products from the WD40 cycling range, Mars will be providing protein products and Nestle and Inkospor with their protein goodies.


beer-200-by-200Grab a free bottle of beer from Kwaremont (33cl)

wd40-finalProducts from the WD40 cycling range


Nestle’s Meritene Strength & Vitality Shake – Strawberry flavour

marsMars Protein bar and Mars Protein Powder sachet


vanilla-inkosporSample the ACTIVE INKOSPOR® PRO 80 Protein Powder – Vanilla and Pistachio

choc-inkosporSample the X-TREME INKOSPOR® Whey Protein Powder – Chocolate and Vanilla


TrueStart Performance Coffee is is epic coffee for sport, health & fitness. It’s the only coffee in the world with a measured level of caffeine for a boost with no crash (95mg in every cup or bar).

The new TrueStart Coffee Hero bars are genius – coffee flapjacks! There are four epic flavours to choose from and each bar contains a cup of TrueStart Coffee for the ultimate breakfast on the go. The whole range is gluten free and vegan with no refined sugar.


Ideal to kick start your day, before & after exercise, during a long ride or as a pick-me-up – taste the full range at stand D83.



Wattbike will be in the VIP lounge showcasing the Wattbike Atom, their first fully connected smart bike. Atom replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road, giving the most authentic feel, allowing cyclists to fine-tune their training and goals, and gain invaluable insight into their performance. Be one of the very first to try the Atom with an exclusive one-to-one in the VIP lounge.



Inkospor will be in the VIP lounge sampling their protein range:

Active Pro 80 protein powder 

X-TREME protein powder 

Whey & Crispy protein bar 

Low sugar bar 

Giant protein bar