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Some great looking new bikes from @CHARGEBIKES for 2018:

Big gears & wide bars on an XS frame. Check out some of @NairoQuinCo's surprising bike measurements via @bikeradar…

Exhibitor Testimonials

As the largest cycling exhibition in the UK, the cycle show provided a fantastic opportunity for Bosch to demonstrate the benefits of eBikes. Our Bosch eMTB test track was a huge success, giving an enthusiastic audience the opportunity to experience the superior riding enjoyment that a Bosch eMTB can offer. Additionally our exhibitor stand proved a great return on investment through new sale and partnership lead generation.
It's been so great to see so many coming out especially to visit the show this year and our stand has been so busy! The cycling industry grows and progresses so much each year and shows like this are a great way of exhibiting all the latest innovations and trends under one roof.
We've had a really great four days at the show, interacting with trade and the public. Everyone at the show has been so helpful and friendly and it's been great to see so many people looking to learn more about BMW bikes. It's been a great opportunity for us and we look forward to future shows.
The NEC was a highlight of GoPro’s activated events/trade shows of 2016. We were able to achieve one of our best practices of our activation site with effective and professional brand presence in a positive location for footfall. Our connection with Trek racing was made easy by our location also. Our branding opportunities at the EMTB were completed successfully and the process of co-branding with Trek’s MTB track worked well. There are areas for improvement but overall we were very pleased with our presence at the event.